Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Preschooler

All summer long we talked about how Maddie was going to go to preschool this fall.  And then Reagan started school and we had one annoyed little sister left at home thinking we had lied to her.  How many times I must have explained that her school would be starting soon, I don't know. 

To her it always seemed a LONG ways away.

This morning, she slept in.  I had to wake her up.  After a bit, she got going and wanted to put on her school outfit.  They are supposed to wear blue on the first day, so we had this outfit all picked out for at least a month.  Finally she got to put it on.  She ate her breakfast and then said she needed to get ready for the bus.

Um...clearly we didn't explain preschool very well.  So with a small amount of disappointment, she waved at her sister as the bus pulled away and went back inside for the longest morning ever.  To her, I am sure it felt that way.  She asked me at least 10 times if it was time for school yet.  I repeatedly told her school would be after lunch.  At approximately 9:30 she requested we eat lunch.

Somehow I held her off till 11:30.  I did her hair and she decided she looked like Princess Belle.  Not sure what she was thinking there but I went with it.  If you ever get your hair done and think you look like a princess then you have every right to not have someone rain on your parade.

We ate lunch and suddenly the clock was RACING.  I shoveled food into Hunter's mouth super fast - which he greatly preferred actually - and managed to eat something myself.  Maddie took her time but finished exactly on time.  She put on her own socks (never happens) and put on her own shoes (never happens) and we were ready for some pictures.

She posed in a way that only Maddie can.

We walked out the same door we had entered just a short while ago in the middle of May when Maddie was a tiny baby coming home from the hospital to a big sister who was so very excited to have her.

I strapped Hunter into his seat and watched as Maddie climbed in the car and buckled herself in her carseat.  That's never happened before either.

I guess suddenly being big enough to go to school means you can do all sorts of things by yourself.

On the car ride she told me about all the things she was going to tell her teacher.  After years of hearing Reagan talk about the things she told her teachers, it was finally Maddie's turn to have someone to tell important things to. 

We got to school and I had plenty of time to take some pictures.  While we waited I told Maddie how much I would miss her but how she was going to have a fantastic time.  She nodded, quiet but calm. 

The door opened and tiny little people walked in with Mommas all following diligently behind.  We found her hook for her backpack and took her school supplies out and placed them in the baskets.  We waited patiently in line while the other kids greeted the teacher and washed their hands. 

Then it was Maddie's turn and Miss Teresa (her teacher) gave her a big smile and told her how pretty she looked.  They talked about what a wonderful day they would have as Miss Teresa pinned Maddie's apple name tag in place.  I helped her wash her hands while I balanced Hunter on my hip.

There was time for a quick hug and kiss.  I told her to have a wonderful time and that I would be back to get her soon.

Hunter and I walked out the door without her.

I didn't cry or get super choked up.  I was excited for Maddie - because this is something she wanted for so so long.  But I can't say I loved leaving my little girl.

It always seemed like such a long ways away.  This day has been in the "someday" category for so long.  Then it moved to the "soon" category and just sort of lingered there.  All of a sudden now it is here.  And even though I was afraid of it - afraid I'd be horribly emotional and weepy - it's all been good.  Really good.  Smooth and calm and peaceful and easy.  Like this was just the right time and the right thing with the right people.

Sometimes it is sad to watch your kids grow up and you wish desperately to slow down the time.  And then sometimes it is fun to watch your kids grow up and see them get to do things they have 
longed to do and you can share in their joy.  I learned today that the two are not mutually exclusive.

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