Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It's been a long time since I posted.  I am going to try to blame it all on the great hard drive crash of twenty thirteen.  Just to follow up on that - yes, we lost everything on our hard drive.  Yes, we attempted to have someone save it.  No, it was not possible.  Yes, Dell replaced the busted hard drive.  No, it was not a smooth process and it took days (literally) for Brian to get the computer back in working order.  Bah.  Moving on.

This summer we've been busy.  No busier than most families.  But still, we've been busy.  We did VBS for a full busy week (I coordinate at our church and the girls both attended their age groups at different churches).  We participated in our library's summer reading program (complete with evening classes for the girls).  We took a few outstanding art classes at our local community center (they were awesome).  We went on a family getaway with Brian's family where we hit up a great children's museum and went swimming.  The girls took swimming lessons.  We had a garage sale and got rid of a LOT of kid clothes.  I've been going to garage sales every available weekend to get a good stockpile of clothes for the little man.  Hunter started baby food, then sitting up by himself, then feeding himself finger foods, then army crawling, then crawling, then going from crawling to sitting on his own.  And now he's sleeping in his crib for both naps and nighttime (he was in a pack n play in our room for nights).  We laid Brian's Grandma to rest this past week which made for a quick trip to NW Iowa and back.  We went to Adventureland with my family. 

It has all left me feeling a little scattered.  We've done so much and there were more things I had on my mental summer bucket list.  I keep wondering how I could cram them into these last few weeks before school.  It's such a struggle to get all those summer things in.  I tried really hard to not make summer like school - to let the kids play and have fun and relax.  But then I also wanted to keep up their skills and that work has just fallen by the wayside. 

We've also started talking about building a house.  Not just any house, mind you.  We are building our dream home.  Now, when I say dream home I'm sure various images flash through your imagination.  This will not be a typical dream home.  It will be FAR simpler than a standard dream home.  But it will be a home designed to specifically meet the needs of our family.  We wanted to do this now because a) we are quickly outgrowing our space here, (b) we don't really love moving and would prefer to do it just one more time, and (c) we want to live in our dream home with our children and make memories with them there.  After months of drawing up floor plans, we've embarked upon a journey that is quite foreign to us.  I mention this because this adds just one more little thing to my scatteredness - we may only live in this house for a few more months.  That sentence made my heart race with excitement and nervousness. 

I crave the routine of the school year - though at the same time I will miss Reagan and Maddie terribly.  I've loved our carefree (and busy) summer together.  They loved on Hunter in a big way and we all just had a great time together.  But it will feel good, too, to get back into more of a rhythm. 

The good news - the GREAT news - is that no matter how scattered I feel, I have an Anchor.  I am so thankful that there is one Truth, one Constant, one Immovable Rock that I cling to in busy times.  And as much as life seems to change on an hourly basis, it is so comforting to have that peace that comes with knowing He walks with me through it all. 

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