Monday, September 24, 2012

It's not "good" to be busy

For a couple months, I have been part of a Bible study with some girls from my church.  On Sunday evening, we were able to hear one of the author's of the material we've been covering give the message at our church.  It was SO applicable to what we are studying and I found it very convicting.

Dr. Mike Johnson of Ascending Leaders spoke truth as he told us that being busy is not a good thing.  But we wear it like a badge.  We are almost proud when we can list off all the many things we have to do.  We expect admiration when we tell others how we've been running from one thing to the next.  But seldom do we see how busy HURTS.

It's interesting how we tend to look down on people who don't run themselves ragged.  The busy people are the valuable ones.  Or are they?

This topic fascinates me - and it ties in well with the simplifying idea that I enjoy studying.  If we are too busy, we miss out.  We miss out on relationships.  We miss out on rest.  We miss out on time to listen and pray.  We miss out on the gifts God is giving us.  Some of them are so small that if we aren't paying attention we will miss them. 

Are we stretching ourselves too thin?  Are we pursuing fame over faith and family?  Are we more concerned with our to do lists than with our quiet times? 

It's worth thinking about.  Not just WHAT we are doing but WHY.  And it's something we need to constantly check ourselves on.  It's something Jesus modeled for us time and time again.  Slow down.  Rest.  Listen.  Observe.  Pray.  It was worth it to Him.  It should be to us.

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