Thursday, November 22, 2012

Six Years

Dear Reagan,
You are six years old today.  It feels like just a few days ago we celebrated five years of you, though we have been busy watching you grow up this past year.  Let me tell you a little bit about the last 365 days.

You started preschool in September 2011.  You loved it.  You went three afternoons a week and it was such great fun for you.  It was a little bit hard for me to let you go even this much, but seeing how happy you were to go each day made it easier.  You made lots of new friends and learned so many great things.  At the end of the year you gave a spring program with the other preschoolers and good grief if I didn’t get teary just watching you up there singing your heart out.  I know that in the blink of an eye I will be watching you graduate high school and I am reminded often to soak up my time with you.
This was also the year you discovered princesses.  It all started when your Aunt Amy gave you the Rapunzel movie.  At first it terrified you and then you loved it and then you needed to see ALL the princess movies.  We’ve watched many.  Your favorite is Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).  I think this is because she wears pink (your favorite color).  You love to dress like a princess, sing like a princess, color a princess, etc. 
Have I mentioned that your favorite color is pink?  Yes, well, this is something you mention to me at least twice a day.  This past year you developed and strong opinion about what you wear.  It’s safe to pick out a pink outfit for you – but anything else gets strictly critiqued and examined.  I’ve had to become quite the salesperson to get you into some of the clothes I bought for you.  You are very particular about how you look – though your standards are completely your own and have nothing to do with societal norms.  No matter how much you like your outfit, the minute you get home from school you immediately change into something comfy (but cute) and go about fixing your hair. 
Ah school.  You started kindergarten this year.  You love your teacher.  Recess and lunch are your favorite parts of school.  When you talk about friends you only mention boys.  You are a very careful worker and have a desire to do your work very thoroughly.  When I put you on the bus that first day, Maddie and I both cried as it drove away with you.  But you didn’t look back.  There were a few adjustments you had to make and fears you had to overcome, but for the most part you have tackled each one with patience and quiet determination.  I admire your ability to simply try again when something doesn’t go well.
There is this little person who has shared life with you for 3 ½ years now.  She thinks the absolute world of you and gets mad when you go to school in the morning.  You play with Maddie nearly every available minute when you are home and for the most part the two of you get along wonderfully.  I think you might be a teacher someday just because of the way you like to guide and instruct her.  Sometimes she appreciates that more than others.  The two of you can make up the most hilarious stories together and one of my favorite things is to eavesdrop on you as you play.  You love to play with legos, blocks and other little things.  This was the year you set up your “Berry Bitty City” on the table downstairs.  It has not come down since its inception.  When you aren’t playing with it, you are either setting up a tea party or having a dancing show. 
You got your own room a few months ago and you LOVE it.  You love making your bed and having your own shelf and your own desk.  You do a good job of keeping it clean and neat. 
Soon, we will add another little one to our family.  You are very excited to become a big sister to this little baby.  You, more than any other person, ask to feel the baby move and will sit patiently for long stretches of time just to feel that kick or nudge.  You are hoping desperately for a brother, because Daddy is so badly outnumbered.  I love your wonder and the way you already unconditionally love this little one.  And I am so very very glad that you are the sweet big sister that you are.  What a wonderful gift you will be for this baby.
There are so many times when I sit down and wish I could be more for you.  You are so sweet, kind, caring and attentive, and I am so proud of the girl you are.  I love watching you grow up.  But I feel like I am missing it.  I feel like this time with you is just flying by.  And at the end of the day, I am frustrated that the normal daily tasks took away the time I could have spent with you.  You have so many character traits that I don’t have and I’d love to be more like you in so many ways.  Every day is a challenge for me to be more present and more aware.  These days when you tell such grand stories and have such an uninhibited imagination are so precious.  I love you so, my sweet girl.  I love your laugh, I love your heart, I love your imagination, I love your thoughtfulness and kind ways, I love your goofiness.  I love it all.  And I hope you know with all your heart that I always, always will. 
You were a gift on November 22, 2006.  You are even moreso now.
I love you Reagan girl.

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Anonymous said...

What you wrote reminds me of Our Town. "We don't take time to really look at each other. We are so busy, we don't take time to appreciate life while we live it."
But we can't spend all day just looking at each other. You are at home with your kids and there for them, and that is what counts!