Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A whole lotta little things

Maddie is one of the most fascinating and amusing people to live with because she has no filter.  By this I mean that poor girl has never had a single solitary thought which has remained in her head and not come tumbling out of her mouth.  She talks all the live long day in these stream-of-consciousness rants that are beyond strange and silly.  Most of the time she doesn't know she is doing it.  But a few times she catches me staring at her in fascination and she gets this look like "Oh...did I say that out loud.  Ooops!"  Hilarious.  This post is thanks to her inspiration - a lot of inner thoughts.

We have been struggling with what to do for bedtimes lately.  Every school day I fight a mighty battle to wake up Reagan on time so she can get ready for school, etc.  Maddie always wakes up decently and ready to go.  Reagan I have to shake and call and rip the blankets off her and tickle and cajole and beg...it seems endless.  She's been a hard sleeper for a long while now.  So we thought maybe bumping her bedtime up a bit was in order.  Didn't help.  She just sleeps longer.  I'm looking for a great solution.

Related to sleep, Maddie was doing this thing where she would wake up at 2 or 3 AM (ouch) and cry and whine.  So we'd get her a drink and then she wouldn't be able to fall back asleep so we fought a long battle (oftentimes 2 hours or more).  And then one night I was just too tired to do anything more and so I lay in bed and hoped she wouldn't bother Reagan too much (they are still sharing a room).  Now, the smarter part of me should have realized that Reagan would sleep through the house falling down around her and no crying/whining sister would make a hill-of-beans worth of difference in her getting a good night's sleep.  Needless to say Reagan never stirred.  Maddie cried for a few minutes and then...I fell asleep.  And evidently, so did she.  I mean really, this seems so obvious and simple now that I explain it that it is almost embarassing.  It's just weird when all of a sudden your good-sleeper of a 3 year old starts waking up for hours on end in the middle of the night - we just never thought to apply a little cry-it-out method with her.  For the past several weeks she has been sleeping through the night without waking or needing a drink or any fussing at all.  I am both extraordinarily proud of this accomplishment and embarrassed by it at the same time.

I'm having a small problem these days with other people commenting on my pregnancy.  I don't mind being asked about it or anything.  What I don't appreciate are the women who say things like, "You must be due any day!"  Um.  No.  No, in fact I have about 3 months left.  Thanks though.  I mean, seriously?  These are coming from other young mothers and I'm fairly sure every time I stare at them dumbfounded for several long seconds before I say "No, I have a ways to go yet."  And then I run home to Brian and tell him how so-and-so said blahblahblah and he has to endure yet another counseling session assuring me I really don't look that big.  I'm no small potato - I know this.  I am not tall and I have big babies so yeah...I definitely LOOK pregnant.  But all these comments have me feeling a little self-conscious.  Take my advice - never ever ever say the words "You must be due any day!" to anyone ever.  Even if it's true, it isn't a nice thing to say.

I am rereading one of my favorite books - What's so Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancy.  If you have not read this, I cannot recommend it highly enough to you.  Excellent book.  So inspiring and convicting and affirming.  Really wonderful.  Way better than the Disney Princess books that have so dominated my life as of late.  Ahem.

I went to a garage sale this past weekend and it was a bit of a mess.  This girl had really nice clothes to sell, but instead of hanging it up or even laying it out on a table, she simply hauled out big totes and lined them up.  So there I sat on my knees digging through her storage bins trying to find stuff that would work.  I've learned a thing or two about GOOD garage sales in the past few years.  Throwing stuff in a box and setting it on your driveway for others to sort through is just a bad idea.

That's all for now :)

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