Monday, September 17, 2012

Quiet and Stillness

We are in this strange season of life.  I'm hyper aware these days of the slowness and ease with which we are traveling through these months.  Last time I was pregnant, I was still working part-time.  This time, things are much different.  I am home now - all day every day.  And that allows me to take life at a much easier pace.  Here's the bottom line: I am not horrendously busy.  I feel like I have time to devote to whatever needs doing.  I have plenty of time each day to take care of my home, my family, my various other commitments. 

In a few months, all that will probably change.  I'll have another tiny person in my home that will require more time and attention than any other member of my family.  I'll be busy with doing little chores here and there while the baby naps.  I realize this present slow season of life will be short-lived. 

But for right now, going slow and having time to really enjoy each day has been a gift.  This weekend was particularly unhurried.  And though there were little appointments and get-togethers and obligations here and there, we were not stressed about making it to any of them or being too busy.  It was almost like drifting through our days at a slow leisurely pace.  It was, in a word, wonderful.

I am very blessed to be able to stay home.  I know that isn't possible for a lot of people.  I also know that isn't desirable for a lot of people.  But for me it is a great fit.  As I sat at the park last night, watching Brian push Reagan and Maddie on the swings, I could hear the girls squealing with laughter and delight.  I was so grateful for not only all the wonderful things in my life - but also the TIME to enjoy it all.  I've loved the peace we've had lately, even when we were technically "busy". 

Life is good.  I'm thankful for the time and space to be able to say that.

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