Monday, March 14, 2011

Spoiled Rotten!

On Friday, my parents showed up with pizzas. They played games with Reagan and we had a nice time together. Dad went home and Mom stayed overnight.

Saturday morning, Brian left bright and early for an entire day at his Grandparents' farm. My sister arrived with one of her students from where she works and the three of us went shopping in Des Moines.

Amy asked to go to Jordan Creek which is a mall I have gone to almost not at all. It has a "reputation" for being a bit pricey and I am a pretty non-pricey kind of clothing girl. But we decided to check it out.

Now, this may sound disgusting (I do honestly feel stupid when I say this), but almost all of my jeans were too big. I was in desperate need of new jeans. This is the the thing, I HATE SHOPPING FOR JEANS. HATE. IT. So I was sort of dreading the combination of expensive mall and jean shopping. However, there were 2 factors I seriously overlooked. One is my sister. The other is 33 fewer pounds. I have a couple thoughts on my whole shopping experience.

Firstly, I will never shop for jeans without my sister again. She was MOST helpful. She has this ability to look at something and say, "No, not that" which is my signal to WALK AWAY FROM THE MOM JEANS. Also, she hunts for my size. She follows me into the dressing room and stands right outside my door so I don't have to walk through the whole department to get her opinion. Genius, right? I think so. And lastly, but not leastly, she brought a coupon. Granted my smart Momma sent the coupon with her, but still. I pulled on a pair that I LOVED and Amy said, "Yes, get those. Don't even try on the other ones." Which was a joyful thing. And then she says, "Oh, I also have this 25% off coupon." Say what? Oh I do love her and her shopping wisdom.

We went to all kinds of other stores that she recommended and I got more great deals. She's pretty cool, that sister of mine. The two of us just generally had a marvelous time because we are frighteningly similar in many respects. If she liked something, I did too. We ordered the exact same thing for lunch. We listen to and like the same music. She understands my humor and I hers. Sisters are really cool people. I'm excited that Reagan and Maddie have each other. Anyway, we had tons of fun and I have several new pairs of jeans that I love in a size I haven't worn in a long long time. Yay.

Now, poor Maddie wasn't feeling so good this weekend. She ran a fever and seemed uncomfortable. But my Mom is awesome and stayed home with Reagan and Madison, giving Brian and I a much-needed break. Maddie is doing much better today, though we have reached the ultra-messy stage of a common cold. Let's just say it's a good day to wear old clothes, and not the brand new pairs of jeans. But I'm okay with that. I feel very refreshed and loved and spoiled by the mere attention of my Mom and sister. I'm so blessed to have such a great family!!

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Stephanie said...

Praise the Lord for family! Makes me want to remember these things that mean so much to me at this stage, when my own kids are going through them! Good post, enjoy the new jeans and even a new size :)