Monday, March 28, 2011

Tot School - S, T, 10 and U

We had a few colds and our Tot School lessons did not happen on a weekly basis. But they DID happen, so that is what counts I think :)

Letter S

We first made a SNAKE and then did a SQUARE worksheet. We also did some SNOWFLAKE matching and a SNOW / SNOWMAN unit I had printed off the internet. I had her do some pages from her Learn to Color coloring book - a SAILBOAT and a STAR. Then she made a SNOWMAN and glued on some SNOWFLAKES for her alphabet wall. Letter S was SUPER!

Letter T

Reagan spent some time working on tracing some T's on her T is for TURKEY page. She did really well with this and I can tell her tracing skills are improving a great deal. Then I helped her and Madison make TULIPS out of their handprints. They loved this for some reason - the tracing of the hands was a big hit. And then Reagan glued TEN TEETH in her alligator which will go on her alphabet wall. Letter T was TERRIFIC.

Number 10

We did our sticker card and also a circles worksheet. Reagan struggles with circles. But she tried really hard and again, I can see quite a bit of improvement over the past several months.

Letter U

I have to admit, finding activities and crafts for some of these later letters is a big challenge. I spent hours looking for stuff for U that I liked. Truthfully, there just isn't that much. First, we worked on a UNIFORMS matching sheet. She first circled all the matches and then drew lines between them, thus the messiness. She whizzed through an UMBRELLA sequencing file folder game I had prepared last summer. And then we talked about the UNITED States, which she really wanted to color. Then we made some UMBRELLAS out of cupcake liners and pipecleaners. We glued on little blue sequins to look like rain. Then I got out some other file folder games (or lapbooks) that I prepared last summer. The paint brush matching book was a breeze for her, but she enjoyed it because she is just a little bit OCD (a lot bit OCD) like her dear beloved mother. And then I pulled out an alphabet lapbook where she had to match the lowercase letters to the uppercase letters. I knew she knew a lot of them. Evidently she knows all of them extremely well because this, too, was easy for her. But she said she really liked it anyway :) Letter U was UNIQUE!

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