Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Simple and Good

I went to the gym and got a good workout in. I was home before my family was awake. I showered, got dressed, did my hair and put on makeup. I had a large amount of uninterrupted time to catch up on emails and check facebook. About midmorning I put shoes and coats on the children and we all journeyed off to the library. They were reasonably well behaved. I got a movie for me but no books since I still have a few that I am trying to finish from last time. We ate lunch in record time because I baited them with grapes. I had some lovely homemade soup and my favorite yogurt. Reagan watched a movie for a little while and Maddie took a nap. I read a book and managed to stay awake. Then Reagan played downstairs till Maddie woke up. They each got a snack and went downstairs to play. I folded all of my laundry in the hour they spent happily playing together downstairs. I put all of said laundry away and started supper. They were still playing together nicely. Just before Brian got home, Reagan showed me a picture they had colored together. It was adorable. I'll keep it forever. Brian came home and the girls were happy to see him. We ate supper and no one complained about what I made. The girls went downstairs to pick up their toys with Brian while I washed dishes. Then they were rewarded with a little more movie, during which Brian wrestled with Madison and I read a book. We put them to bed and had only to administer drinks one time. Brian watched the Bachelor and we laughed. I finished Wuthering Heights, which I greatly enjoyed. We turned off the t.v. and went to bed. Happy.

The whole day had a sense of goodness about it. And it was great to just love being right where I was doing what I was doing. It was very simple, not exciting. But it was good.


melissa van gorp said...

I love to simple days... and especially when there is no fighting... You are a great mother!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me! The kind of days God "gifts" us with to make up for the "other" ones :)