Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Show

You may remember that last year, wow, we started remodeling our kitchen. Brian refinished all the cabinets and drawers and just had an absolute ball with it. Ahem. And then we bought nifty new hardware and installed it. And then in December we got our new countertop and sink. And everything that was done was really really beautiful. The old caulk line an inch about our backsplash…not so beautiful. We also had a crack in the wall of our great room and a few other ceiling cracks here and there. So today and tomorrow our favorite drywall repair and texture guy is here taking care of a bunch of little things that we’ve been “collecting” on a to-do list.

In order to allow for this wonderful finishing work to take place, we had to move a lot of stuff out of the way and whatnot. You know the drill. And honestly, I feel like I have moved 5 times or something in the 9 years we’ve lived here. With all the house remodeling and improvement projects we have taken on, we have moved our furniture a LOT for people who are STILL IN THE SAME HOME. Sigh. All this is to say we moved the couch away from the wall and in front of the window.

Now, any small change around here is immediately picked up upon by two small people. The first small person to wake up (she’s on an early streak lately) commented only with lots of “Uh oh!”s. The second small but slightly bigger person to wake up stood and stared at the upheaval with no comments whatsoever. After a minute of observation she then flopped on the couch like any normal teenager would. Of course, I thought we had another 9 years, but I’m often wrong.

The girls and I spent the morning downstairs which went surprisingly well. I got caught up on some email and did some worship planning while they watched Sesame Street. And shortly before noon our drywall dude knocked on our basement door and told me he was finished for the day and would be back tomorrow.

Can I just say what a gift it is that he is willing to work only in the mornings so that I can still let Maddie nap in her crib? So so thoughtful and considerate!

Anyway, we went upstairs and Reagan suggested that we have a puppet show. Then she brought up a bunch of puppets I didn’t even know we had. Grandma has been sneaking toys into the house again, I suspect. So I gave Reagan and Maddie a puppet show which they thought was hilarious. And then Reagan gave me a puppet show which was, in a word, hysterical. There was something about her puppet, Elvis the Elephant, and that running was good for you. I hurt myself a little just laughing at the view of Elvis flying around behind the couch.

It’s just those little tiny things that make everyday life more fun. And while I am very glad to be getting the house details finished up, the best part of this whole day was having a puppet show behind the couch.

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DarVV said...

Donna really should stop sneaking those toys into your house! By the way, I have done no sneaking. I think I had a puppet or two in a Christmas stocking, but other than that, I think I'm innocent---this time. Mom