Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So last week Wednesday night, Maddie came down with a fever of 104.5. It was a fairly miserable night for her, but we were happy when the fever went away about 24 hours later.

Brian's parents and brother were in town so we had them over for supper on Friday night. We had a nice visit with them and enjoyed catching up on their busy lives.

Brian went off to spend the day on his Grandparents' farm on Saturday when low and behold, Maddie's fever came back. Being the super-smart Momma I am I decided that this was indeed teething. Therefore, we had no reason to worry.

By Sunday morning her fever was gone, and we had a lovely day churching, worshipping, socializing, relaxing, etc.

Sunday night/Monday morning Reagan wakes up crying and had spiked a fever of 103.6.


No. Not really.

Monday was a rough day here. Reagan was miserable and laid on the floor and cried much of the day. Every once in a while the meds would kick in and she would feel just a-ok fine and dandy. And then an hour later she would crash.

Monday afternoon Maddie's fever...yes, you guessed it...came back.

Somehow, someway, the girls slept Monday night. And today was mostly fever-free and pleasant. But I think someone will once again spike a temperature and if that happens, I'm just going to lose my mind.

Okay, not really.

But it's awfully frustrating to not be able to make your kids feel better. It's even more frustrating to feel that you have beaten the bug only to find it returning a few days later. Repeatedly.

I realize this is the most uninteresting drivel (how does one spell drivel?) on the face of the earth and again, not complaint-material considering the troubles of the world. But here in my world this is all that is consuming my limited brain. It's not entertaining. But right now it's the way things are.

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