Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tot School - Letter G

We tackled our tot school lesson “early” this week. Usually I put it off for one reason or another and then feel rushed to get it in. But I was strangely motivated today (we also made muffins together, went to the library and played at a new park in town) so we got a chance to learn about the letter G.

Our first craft was putting GRAPES on a branch/vine. I made this myself and it was ridiculously easy. I cut out the grapes with my scrapbooking circle punch and then drew my own vine on the paper. I also put small dots where she could stick the grapes. We used double-sided tape because I am not a fan of the messiness of glue or glue sticks.

Then we made a GIRAFFE paper bag puppet which I found materials for online. Again, we used double-sided tape. Reagan really liked this and it was pretty age-appropriate (meaning she could do it and help was minimal). It was fun to see her play with the puppet afterwards. They had a whole conversation, Reagan and her GIRAFFE. Since we had just seen the GIRAFFES at the zoo on Friday, they had lots to discuss. Then she fed him some GRAPES. Tot school is so much fun when we are laughing!

We then tackled the Curious GEORGE lapbook I had put together months ago. (That is not the direct link, but you can find a link to it on that site.) She loved this one too and again, the activities inside were just at her level. I was pleased with how hard she worked on each section and how it held her attention for what I consider a long period of time.

After all this table work it was time for some action! We played Red Light GREEN light. That was fun. But I have totally forgotten how exhausting that game is! Good grief. I think I could do a whole exercise class on that game principle alone.

When we were at the library I made sure to pick up a book on GIRAFFES. Reagan didn’t see it till we got home and she was pretty excited about it.

Last week I checked out the ABC Discovery Pack from our library. They have several backpacks – each on a different topic like ABCs, counting, Clifford, etc. Each backpack has games, puzzles, books, videos, and pretty much anything they can think of that relates to that particular backpack theme. We had the ABC pack and it had an alphabet train puzzle in it. Reagan loved it and it really helped her to work on identifying letters. I was impressed this week when I realized she could readily identify 24 of 26 letters on the first try.


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Anonymous said...

I hope you also taught Reagan that G stands for GRANDMA and GRANDPA!!!