Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Close-up Look

I put a dollhouse on Reagan's Christmas List last year just HOPING it would be something she would enjoy. I'd really never seen her play with one so it was with blind faith and hope that I assembled the Fisher Price dollhouse she received from her Grandpa and Grandma VV.


For hours everyday Reagan sits down on the floor in front of her dollhouse and plays and plays and plays. It is wonderful to hear her using her imagination, having the people talk to one another and interact. Also, the animals. All the animals. Many many animals.

You see, this has become the home to virtually every small animal figurine in our house.

And really, the house has become a small work of art. I often stop by to check it out because it is always changing, but always very particularly organized. Be warned, it's closely guarded. Madison does not even give this dollhouse a second look because her older sister has informed her on more than one ocassion that her presence is not appreciated.

I love this kid.

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