Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Prayer Corner

Brian was commenting to me that Reagan needed a new bedtime prayer routine each night, so I set myself about creating a prayer corner for Reagan (and Madison) in the girls' room.

I used the book I just finished reading: The Complete Parenting Book. It had recommendations of setting up a prayer schedule, giving each day a different topic that your kids can focus on. This is supposed to help with making prayers less of a personal wish list and more of an act for others.

Seeing as how Reagan is yet quite young and it is hard for her to know the "language" of prayer, it is also important to us to pray out loud so she can learn more what to say. So I researched (internet and library) for various bedtime prayers and whatnot. I then hand-wrote them each onto a separate card and put them in this "Prayer Card Pocket".

Each night Reagan LOVES to pick out a prayer card which we read for her and then we help her to say a prayer of her own for whatever the days prayer "topic" is. So far our bedtime prayer routine has been a big success. Both girls seem to really enjoy and appreciate it and it gives us a great little moment together each night.

The other things in the prayer corner are mostly just to pretty it up a bit. The verse is especially meaningful as we hope and pray that our children will always keep on praying!


Michelle Simpson Photos said...

What a wonderful idea! I'd love to spend some time there, myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

Rochelle said...

Super awesome idea. I'll probably steal it! :)