Monday, July 19, 2010

As a Whole

I just cannot put my finger on it, but we had such a nice weekend together! Here's what we did:

- I went to two garage sales and got a few things
- I cleaned the house Friday night
- I went to a praise team practice Saturday morning
- Brian and the girls ran some errands and may or may not have had an adventure with one of the fancy shopping carts at the grocery store (yikes)
- Brian went to the farm Saturday afternoon while the girls and I stayed home and took long naps.
- I did laundry Friday and Saturday and hung it outside to dry.
- We had homemade pizza for supper.
- I made homemade rolls. YUM!
- Brian and I got up and watched weather coverage around 4 AM as the sirens were going off. We never got the girls up and took them to the basement though :S
- I went early to a church in a nearby town to lead worship.
- Brian and the girls were so sweet to meet me at church! I love having them there when I go elsewhere to sing!
- We had a cookie after church (extra special treat!)
- We had a great Sunday lunch thanks to my husband the grill master and his amazing pork chops!
- Our lunch included SWEET CORN!
- Brian washed dishes - what a guy!
- We all took HUGE naps (like 2-3 hours).
- We went to the evening service and it was really good. A little long for Miss Madison down in the nursery for 90 minutes. She was whimpering when we picked her up.
- We got home and got everyone tucked in bed - though the two smallest occupants of our home squeaked and giggled at each other for quite some time before they fell asleep.
- Brian and I read books on a quiet Sunday night.

It was just a really pleasant little weekend - and as you can see, nothing out of normal. I think I was just in the right frame of mind to really enjoy my family and our time together. In fact, this morning I am a little sad that Brian had to go to work and our family time is over. I am so thankful for fun weekends!

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