Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Me, Myself and I

I bought a swimsuit online last week and it arrived yesterday. Of all the dumb things to do - who buys a swimsuit online? Seriously. That's just not a wise idea for a woman of my...er...proportions. However. HOWEVER!!! I. LOVE. IT. Not only do I love it, but I love the price tag :) Thank you Walmart for carrying a modest swimsuit, in a color I like, that flatters my shape as much as is possible for my...er...proportions, which costs $30.

I may have been even MORE convinced when I read reviews of other women my age who said they liked it because they had small children and this suit not only was modest, but also STAYED that way when they were chasing and carrying and managing the small people. I'm a little bit happy about all of this.

I am entering scrapbook mode and will soon need an entire 48 hours to devote to catching up on about 8 months of obsessive photographing of children.

I would just like to say that gift bags are a love/hate thing with me. I love that you can reuse them 100 times over. That makes good economical and environmental sense. I do NOT like how you never know if you have gotten the entire gift out of the bag and you continue digging through mountains of tissue paper - thus looking like a greedy goofball only to find that yes, there was just the one outift or whatever inside said gift bag. It's embarassing, isn't it?

I have found that small sand pail buckets do not make good toys for 14 month old children who like to hold them up by their mouth and hear the funny sound of the voice and who are also prone to tripping. Poor poor Maddie and her skinned nose :(

I would like the girl who has borrowed Eclipse from the library to please return it so I can continue on with my latest complete and total addiction.

I made a LOT of apple crisp last night with some apples from my mom's apple tree. It was AMAZING!!!! I absolutely LOVED it. But Brian said it was not a good breakfast food so I am trying to wait to enjoy some later tonight.

I also enjoyed some fresh peaches and they were excellent.

I love summer and its fresh fruit goodness.

I just discovered the movie Pride and Prejudice. It is incredibly great. I absolutely loved it. It was a refreshingly non-nasty 2 hours of entertainment.

I have a strong desire to sew my own kitchen and dining room curtains and a table runner.

I adore the Dollar Tree store. I bought all kinds of wonderful things there, including some nail polish which was fantastic.

I now eat salad and drink lots of water. That is a sentence I never thought I would type.

I love playing guitar. I’m terrible. But I still love it.

I have finally memorized the pin number to my debit card. Only took me 2 years.

I recently gathered all my old professional pictures of Reagan and Madison and labeled each and every one of them and carefully organized them and put them in a nice box.

I sort of love bright yellow fingernail polish.

I watched the following movies when I was at my parents' house with my sister:
When in Rome – okay
How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days – laughed out loud a lot
The Dark Knight – excellent!
Pride and Prejudice – for the 3rd time – probably my favorite movie of all time
This Is It – that Michael Jackson was a musical/performance genius

I have lost about 22 pounds so far this year. Happy.

I think they should change the name of the show to America's Got NO Talent. Yeesh.

I play my first guitar solo this Sunday morning and boy howdy does that ever make me nervous!

I am incapable of writing a blog post that does not either (a) contain a list of some kind or (b) is a series of random paragraphs.


Dale Deur said...

At least you post...

Dale Deur said...

Jean - check this out

Miz Jean said...

Now THAT was funny!

Mom said...

YELLOW fingernail polish? Really? Shouldn't fingernails be a natural color like pink or brown?