Saturday, July 17, 2010

Third Week of July (Summer Activities List)

This summer is just FLYING by! July is more than half past us now and I am not at all sure how this happened. But we are soaking up as much of it as we possibly can. That soaking up was made a little more difficult this week as the weather has been oppressively hot and humid. If we went to the park, we almost always went EARLY in the morning – as in 7:30 in the morning. On the plus side, we get the whole park to ourselves and sweat a little less than we would later. On the down side, most of the equipment is coated in dew – which is why I bring along the “park towel” so we can dry off swings and slides and whathaveyou.

Anyway, we did really well with our summer activities list this week, despite the heat!
- went the library
- went swimming in our pool
- had a picnic on our patio for lunch
- did two crafts! We used watercolors and Reagan colored a page for her calendar in the girls’ room.
- played a game together for Family Night
- several popsicles were consumed after supper on the front porch
- went to the park many times (early, as mentioned)

We really did have a great week! This week is supposed to be both extremely HOT and HUMID and also stormy, so we will be challenged to have even more fun indoors. In August, I plan to start “Tot School” with Reagan. This is basically pre-preschool at home. We’ll work on letters, numbers, counting, little games, and crafts – each week has a different focus. I have my informal lesson plan worked up for the whole school year, and have already prepared all the materials and pre-cut things for crafts, etc. I’m looking forward to it, for sure! Hopefully it will be fun for her and give her some good one-on-one time with me during Maddie’s morning naps. Reagan misses the cut off for preschool this year, so this is my last year with her at home with me fulltime. But I am so thankful I am able to stay home with the girls and have these fun relaxed days with them.

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