Saturday, June 12, 2010

Second Week of June (Summer Activities List)

This week was a little strange in that we have had an enormous amount of rain in a short amount of time. Most of our neighbors have flooded basements and we are feeling pretty fortunate to not have our basement carpet drying out on the driveway. Due to the rain, our summer activities were somewhat inhibited. We had plans to meet some friends at the park, but we were rained out. We didn't get much chance to play at the park due to the sogginess. And sidewalk chalk just didn't happen. But it was still a fun week!

During WEEK TWO we:
- went to the library (all of us!)
- went on a family walk
- had popsicles outside
- celebrated an additional "family night" by going out to eat with friends
- played at the park a few times

Items yet to be completed:
- go to the beach
- go swimming
- fly a kite
- spend some time at my parents' farm
- roast marshmallows and make smores
- do a craft once a week
- watch fireworks on July 4 (missed them last year)
- go to at least one parade
- go to the zoo
- catch fireflies (or lightning bugs as we called them)

I'm still really struggling in the craft department! I need to kick it in gear!! Although, I did bring stickers and colors and construction paper with us to the restaurant for Reagan to entertain herself while we waited for the food so if we stretch the definition of "craft" then I can include that. Yikes.

And this is totally unrelated, but in all this summer fun I have been working hard at working out - three times a week - at the gym. Even though we had all this rain rain rain, we went on lots of walks in between showers. All that is to say that this past week I lost a few pounds. And that makes me pretty giddy.

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