Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting Crafty...Finally!

As mentioned, I have been in a craft rut...or rather I have been OUT of the craft rut. We haven't done much of anything lately. So last night I trolled the internet looking for ideas. I found a few printable coloring pages, but no inspiration struck. This morning I told Reagan we were going to do a craft...but I did not have much of an idea what it would be. I picked up one of the pages I printed off and had a brilliant idea.

I have been holding onto these empty wrapping paper tubes for a long time, knowing I'd be able to use them someday for something. Today was the day! One woman's trash (or recycling) is another woman's flag pole. [This closet is the biggest embarrasment in my house at this very moment. Obsessive compulsiveness is going to be tackling that mess in the near future.]

Yes, in honor of Flag Day (which was yesterday, I believe), Reagan made her very own American Flag.

This was ridiculously easy.

She loved it.

She loves anything she can wave around and possibly use to terrorize her younger sister.

She wanted me to tell you that she drew two snakes on the back.

Such a fun easy craft!

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Stephanie said...

Reagan is so cute Jean! Her hair is just darling and I love the little bow in it :) What a sweetie...I can't believe how big she is getting!!