Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nine Years!!

Brian and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary on Wednesday. Normally, we do not do much for our anniversary. But this year we had a REAL treat! Our very good college friends (Tony and Mel and their son, Eli) whom we have not seen in 5 years met us in Des Moines for supper. They recently moved to the midwest so we hope to see them more often. Now, just remember that five years ago, Reagan was not in existence! It was such a joy to finally get to introduce each other to our kids!! What fun! We were so grateful to have a few hours to visit and also would like to thank our children for behaving well in a sit-down restaurant. This was the best anniversary celebration!


Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary Jean!! 9 years is a wonderful achievement :) You look great, I just love that family picture of all 4 of you, what a keeper!! Glad it was a fun night to reconnect with friends, love those kind of nights. Isn't it amazing to see all that God can do in a couple of years??? Just imagine what we'll be blogging about in 9 more years! Will we still be blogging??

Miz Jean said...

Thanks Steph! You know, for the first time in a LONG time I do not hate these pictures of me. Dumb, isn't it? It was a lot of fun to reconnect! And yes, it is truly unbelievable to see how He has been busy working...even when we doubted!