Saturday, June 19, 2010

Third Week of June (Summer Activities List)

Remember all that stuff I said about rain? Yes, well, its still so very very true. Yesterday again we had around 3 inches. Our poor neighbors are so very flooded and stressed out. The storms confuse Reagan. She often stands by the window and worries about the flowers. We are glad that when it rains at night neither of the girls are bothered and have slept right through the storms. So this week, we've been very much inside and very much NOT at the park. But that has been okay too because when it is not pouring down the rain here it is insanely hot.

During WEEK THREE we:
- went to the library
- went on a few walks in between rain showers
- had popsicles outside - but this time Reagan decided to spit it out because she didn't like the "crunchy stuff" (meaning the ICE! - not so avoidable with popsicles)
- celebrated family night by having Hubby's parents and youngest brother over for supper and some family time last night
- did three (yes THREE!) crafts! Two for Father's Day and one for Flag Day!
- blew bubbles outside with Reagan
- went on a family outting to the ice cream parlor for some "special treats!" (will post pictures soon) :)

Items yet to be completed:
- go to the beach
- go swimming
- fly a kite
- spend some time at my parents' farm
- roast marshmallows and make smores
- watch fireworks on July 4 (missed them last year)
- go to the park more than necessary
- meet friends at the park whenever possible
- go to at least one parade
- go to the zoo
- catch fireflies (or lightning bugs as we called them)

I had another great weight loss week and have been getting all kinds of encouraging comments from friends and family (you people are awesome). I don't think I look all that different (though others tell me otherwise), but I do feel great and I'm even more motivated to keep up my hard work.

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Sherri said...

We have had a ton of rain...I should have planned more indoor activities. I love your list...sounds like a ton of fun!