Sunday, May 09, 2010


She follows the Pattern carefully - spending much time learning it, understanding it, analyzing it. It isn't long until the Pattern has worn edges, creases, dog-earned corners. It is a continual source of instruction.

She sews the first stitch, continually checking her work against the Pattern. Focusing carefully. Trying to make sure she does it all just the way she should. And over time, she learns to relax. To never be far from the Pattern - never let the Instructions leave her mind - but not to be so afraid that one wrong stitch will ruin her work.

She counts, loops, threads, and stitches. And slowly over time the seemingly random stitches begin to make sense. The pattern reveals its good plan one small wonder at a time.

Until one day she sits back and sees the wisdom of the instruction not just for its sense, but for its beauty. The finger pokes, the endless hours spent, the focus and attention to detail - all of it is unarguably worthwhile.

This was my Mother's Day gift to my Mom, who taught me how to cross-stitch. But moreso she spent so much of her life faithfully following His beautiful and wonderful plan for the lives of her children. She stitched His beauty and love as a common thread through all of my life. And as one who has just begun the journey of motherhood, helps me to see the wisdom in following the only real Pattern that matters. Thanks Mom. I love you.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jean,
You are so kind and thoughtful. I am so thankful for you and the beautiful woman and mother you have become. I love the picture, and even more, I love the hands that lovingly made it for me. Mom