Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Attempting to perfect the skill of never having a complete thought

So Madison started walking. And not the usual step here and there. No. This girl just decided to start running around the house like a drunk dizzy person. On one hand, its amusing. I watch her standing by the couch and I see her eyes spot a destination. She focuses in and then sets off. Only she hasn't completely figured out how to make her legs go in specific directions. So pretty soon she is veering dangerously off course. Also, she doesn't understand the difference in walking on carpet and hard surface. Let's just say, she's been airborne a few times. No injuries, really. She generally falls on her padded butt and every once in a while howls in frustration. But she is definitely on the move and can make it all the way across the room if her legs cooperate.

What this means is that my life is now completely crazy. I'm generally not able to sit down because I have to be ready to keep Maddie from running into a wall. Excitement! We know how to have a good time.

But its probably okay that I can't sit down because I took my first spinning class on Tuesday and wow...riding a bike is not kind to your bum! I managed to reach my goal of not passing out and not falling off the bike. My dear sweet friend, Shalene, took me under her wing and gently showed me the bike and how to adjust the seat and made me feel as comfortable as one can when riding a bike for the first time in 16 years. No really. Anyway, despite the owie-ness I will definitely be trying it again!

Did I skip the part where I tell you that I am doing childcare at a local exercise place once a week in the evening and in exchange they gave me and Hubby a free membership? Please see the title...

But exercising is important right now because we may need to build an ark soon. I kid, but seriously, enough with the cold wet weather! My poor daughter is pretty convinced I am just being mean when I tell her yet another day will go by wherein we will not be visiting a park. We spoiled her silly in the warm weather with two-a-day trips to the park. We will be fortunate to see a slide this week. Its a soggy soggy mess.

We are hoping the sun will make a reappearance in time for Maddie's BIG BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! I have been preparing and planning and decorating like a complete fool for several weeks now. Our theme will be Candyland and its going to be fun! We don't usually do HUGE birthday parties. Even this one will not be "HUGE". We are having some friends and family...less than 12 people. For the first birthday, we like to have a bigger party. But from there on out we are more low-key. Anyway, I'll post pictures of all the fun next week.

And because we don't have enough going on right now, Hubby and I have taken on the do-it-yourself project of refinishing our cabinets (bathroom and kitchen). I would like to take this moment to say that my husband would not describe himself as a handy guy, but he did a FANTASTIC job with our bathrom cabinets! I am very impressed and pleased with the end result. I am also pleased with the pricetag...basically nothing. We had the necessary materials from our window project [shudder] so a few new sheets of sandpaper and some elbow grease...ta da! I happy.

I was just interrupted by a weepy three year old. She's weepy because we are still trying to figure out what to do when she has trouble napping during the day. She did not take a nap yesterday and did fairly well until she got to the grocery store. We are not the most intelligent people. We realize this. Anyway...she seems like she needs the nap but just CANNOT fall asleep. We are trying "quiet time" where she just reads books in her room or whatnot. But its an adjustment. She sleeps gloriously at night.

Well, I suppose I better get going and attack the many projects I have on my to-do list today. If you came here for any actual content you are now going to receive the let down of your life. I promise the pictures of the party will fully explain the insanity of my preoccupation with decorating.

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