Friday, May 07, 2010

Big Post from Lazy Blogger

Reagan really enjoyed this personal pizza craft. Be warned, it took me MUCH longer to cut out the pieces than it did for her to glue them on. Still, it was fun :)

I went garage saling and had some great luck! All of this for $20.

I bought this rack of playskool puzzles for a few bucks!

Dear Designer of the Playskool Hand Puzzle, I do not know what your hands look like...but my thumbs are apparently not where your thumbs are.

I also got some beads that are like new and that Reagan LOVES!

I organized my hall closet...again. Also, I vowed to not buy anymore graham crackers. Slightly overstocked.

Reagan and Maddie hung out in their jammies (and a headband).

I made the invitations for Maddie's one year birthday party! Our theme will be Candyland so these are supposed to look like suckers.

Reagan and I made pizza together. She loved watching it bake!

These two just kill me.

Maddie played with the door to her bedroom for about 30 minutes one day. She thought it was hysterical. I had visions of her as a teenager.

And someone decided its about time to give her arms a break and stretch her legs out. She's not full-on-walking yet, but if she has a goal she can probably make it there.

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Emma said...

Nice garage sales. We went out today and found some nice things too.