Friday, April 30, 2010

If you're the Mom at my house...

your greatest weakness comes in 3 colors - brown, yellow and orange.

you spend ridiculous amounts of time putting together crafts and activities.

you stepped over a dirty pair of pink socks on the stairs 3 times this morning.

you know that leaving an epty box unattended will result in said box being confiscated by the resident 3 year old and promptly filled with her C.P.S.

you buy 4 gallons of milk per week (for 3 people).

you love Barney and do not find him all that annoying.

you sometimes sing the Veggie Tales theme song and do a really crazy dance for the amusement of small people.

you walk to a park that is very far away on a very windy day pushing a double stroller that doubles as a kite.

you cannot watch criminal shows or medical shows on t.v. because they freak you out.

your daughter has a microphone and can imitate you leading worship - complete with closed eyes and raised hands - with alarming accuracy.

you are never along in the bathroom. Never.

you sometimes bribe with candy.

you always have homemade chocolate with chocolate chips muffins on hand.

you may add extra chocolate chips.

you drink a lot of decaf coffee each day.

you know at all times the precise location of the pink bouncy ball.

your shoulders a perpetually covered in slime.

you fight your strong desire to have all the toys put away in exactly the same location each and every night.

you are getting further and further and further behind on your scrapbooks.

you are the most excited one in your family for the trip you plan to take to the zoo this summer.

you are amazed by the insight and the depth in your Children's Bible.

you are secretly glad your almost 1 year old has practically no hair because it is so incredibly easy.

you find great beauty in a fistful of dandelions.

you love making birthday posters and decorations.

you overdid the spring cleaning and now have absolutely no desire to ever clean your home again.

you spent a lot of time coming up with a list of things to put on your blog.


Stephanie said...

Sounds all too familiar to the Mom in my house!! Oh the scrapbooks...how will I ever recover??

Sherri said...

Your a great mom! I love your blog!