Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We are crafty people

I showed you a few other February crafts we worked on here. But I was looking around the house noticing all the many things we have "made" recently and thought you might like to see a few more. :)

I actually cross-stitched this a few years ago, but just finally got around to framing it. Every time I look at it makes me happy.

This is the card I made for Brian for Valentine's Day.

This is an impromtu craft Reagan and I worked on one day. I made the cross out of pipecleaners and then she colored little wooden hearts which we then hung from the cross. She still enjoys looking at this one! And I thought it was particularly meaningful.

Here is a craft she made at Sunday school.

We were feeling particularly snowed-in and in need of a reminder of spring so we had to make something springy. This was very easy and Reagan LOVED it!

And last but not least, Hubby got in on the fun when he and Reagan built this snowman this weekend.

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Sherri said...

Those are all great!