Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Olympics Kickoff Party

The whole gang. There were many countries represented and though some of them may not be readily identifiable in this photo, in person they looked highly impressive.

MB is only slightly addicted to the Olympics. Here she sports her authentic 2010 Canadian Olympic apparel.

Hottest Chinese guy I've ever seen. Especially in hot pink.

GB of Canada describes MB's love of the Olympics. [snort]

CK of Chekoslovakia doesn't look comfortable in front of the net.

China and Lichtenstein face off in curling. China won!!

MB demonstrating cross country skiing in the biathlon.

I don't think I would stand there if I were KZ. You might get shot...on purpose.

The hot goalie is my Hubby.

Lichtenstein and China face off in hockey.

NN of Lichtenstein develops new goal tending strategies in hockey

The Netherlands and Canada face off in "curling"

Diehard Olympics fans were able to watch the opening ceremonies in between events

GB risking it all

We had the BEST time at the Olympics kickoff party!

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Sherri said...

looks like fun! =)