Monday, March 01, 2010

MizJean is...

shocked she lost 3 pounds last week when she felt that she didn't eat very wisely.

so relieved Madison and Reagan are healthy again.

loving the super happy giggles from now-healthy Maddie.

going to watch The Bachelor tonight. Good grief.

so thankful for the new JesusCulture CD/DVD her parents gave her for her birthday.

oozing gratitude for the mere fact that NO SNOW HAS FALLEN FROM THE SKY in quite some time.

still surprised that Brian made supper for us for tomorrow night and all I have to do is put it in the oven. (This RARELY happens...but when it does it makes me happy!)

feeling the urge to spring clean.

so far behind on Bible studies and other class work (all church related).

admiring a rainbow colored by adorable little Reagan.

trying to cool down after another episode with Jillian. I put her name in italics because I say it with a noticeable sneer.

sort of relieved that the Olympics are over.

really impressed by Ryan Miller.

becoming more and more convinced that she is trying to do too much, but its hard to figure out what to "cut out".

incapable of putting aside her curiosity...about many things.

just now discovering and loving Lady Antebellum.

procrastinating by making this list.

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