Thursday, September 17, 2009

The side-effects of staying home fulltime

As I've said before, I am loving staying home with my girls each day. But I have found that there are some unexpected (and expected) side effects of the switch.

GOOD - I actually want to cook and enjoy meal preparations. I've also upped the quality of meals at night. Supper is almost always ready at 5:30 - for sure 6:00.

BAD - I am struggling with some anxiety whenever one or both of the girls is away from home without me. Even if Brian just takes Reagan to run an errand, I am pensive. I'm having a lot of trouble relaxing about that.

GOOD - My laundry gets done in one day and much of it gets dried outside on the drying rack. Saves energy, money, and is better for our clothes!

BAD - I eat more because I am constantly in a home filled with food.

GOOD - When Reagan wakes up crying from a nap, I am here to pick her up, cuddle her, comb the hair from her face and offer her a drink.

GOOD - When Madison is having a tummy ache, I can rock her, sing to her, cuddle her, carry her, walk with her, whatever she needs instead of someone just sticking her in a swing and inserting a pacifier.

BAD - Madison has MAJOR stranger anxiety issues (normal, I know) that Reagan never had. Even if I am holding her and someone else speaks to her she will FREAK OUT. Her first few times in the nursery at church have been rough for her.

BAD - Reagan really prefers that I do everything in the world for her - get her out of bed, feed her any and all meals, read to her, play with her, bathe her, put her to bed at night. Being the only one "allowed" to do any of that is exhausting.

GOOD - I get to be my daughters' favorite person in the whole world.

BAD - Its hard for me to leave the house these days. Madison hates the stroller so we can't really go on walks. We did when she was first born but now, of course, they scare her. Reagan listens pretty well, but is still too young to trust too much with directions like "stay by Mommy" and "don't run in the parking lot", etc.

GOOD - I am able to make time to have personal devotions each day. That's huge.

BAD - I lose touch with some friends.

GOOD - I cherish the opportunities to get out and talk to people.

GOOD - Sunday mornings are never a time when I wish I could just stay in bed and skip church. I'm excited to go.

BAD - I experience many more moments of wanting to just hide in a closet until everyone stops crying.

GOOD - Reagan and I bake muffins together every week. Every. Week.

GOOD - Reagan has not had a cold or illness of any kind whatsoever since Madison was born.

GOOD - Reagan's language has skyrocketed. I don't know if that's because she is home and we talk a lot together or if its because it just naturally happened that way for her...but the words...they pour forth from her body at a continual flow.

GOOD - Our daily routine (not a strict schedule - calm down) is the same every day. My girls LOVE this. No matter what anyone tells you, its good for kids to have a routine!

BAD - We are really locked into that daily routine. When we "do something different", my children are prone to meltdowns.

GOOD - Reagan has learned to sleep in her big girl bed with no problems whatsoever.

GOOD - I got to see Madison's first smile, hear her first giggle, and watch her roll over for the first time.

GOOD - When potty training begins, it will be much easier than it would have been.

BAD - It gets lonely here sometimes amidst the chaos.

BAD - Brian gets dumped on by my emotions because there is no where else for them to go sometimes.

GOOD - I have more time to actually put forth energy to some of the things I volunteer to do.

So yes, lots of good and some bad things. But overall...I still love it. :) Now to go rescue a screaming baby from her crib after a NOT LONG ENOUGH nap!

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