Monday, September 14, 2009


Grandpas and Grandmas are special people. They are such a beautiful part of your life.

They bring you stickers every time they visit. And then they patiently help you put them all in your sticker book.

They will play with you outside and let you run in the grass. They'll let you get filthy dirty when your mom and dad wouldn't.

They will come to see as soon as they possibly can when you are born and hold you so close. They will treasure those moments in their hearts.

They will hold you with great joy and take pride in your very existence. They love to be with you even when you are sleeping.

They will read countless books to you. They love to spend lots of time with you doing whatever you like to do.

They will pray for you and ask God to watch over you and protect you. They will be in constant prayer for you and your precious little heart - hoping that one day you will choose Him just as He choose you.

They will teach you of His love and tell you that as much as they love you, and it is so so much, He loves you so much more. So much he died that you could live forever.

They will soak up all their moments with you and marvel at you.

They will greet you with joy and help you understand. They will celebrate every day of your life.

They will love you and sing songs to you. They will play with you and comfort you. They will care for you.

They will enjoy quiet tender moments in between the loud energetic ones.

Their love will never leave you. And their faith will guide you.

Grandpas and Grandmas...they are wonderful, cherished people!

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