Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling the effects

So evidently its Sunday and that means we have successfully "survived" our crazy weekend.

Madison was awake at about 5:00 AM on Friday - which meant Brian and I were also awake. She snoozed and bit and then I scuttled her out the door for her 4 month appointment. She normally REALLY freaks out when a "stranger" talks to her, but she was just a coohing and a smiling at the doctor. He said it was because they have the same haircut! :) Its true. Anyway...she is doing super good and right on track. Then she got some shots which she didn't like so much.

Brian worked on Friday morning but came home for the afternoon to spend time with us. I went to a garage sale and consignment store while the girls took a nice nap. So much for "spending time with us"! Oh well. He took off for the softball marathon and the girls and I came a little bit later for super at the concession stand. The softball marathon, for those who don't know, is our local Christian grade school's annual fundraiser where one team (the marathon team) plays softball for 24 hours straight against various church teams and the like.

Now, there is also a "mascot game". Pictures are coming your way very soon. Let me put it this way: the mascot game was the single greatest event in Reagan's life to date. People, Elmo was there. And Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Batman, Spiderman, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Superman, and a Power Ranger. Reagan got to personally meet Elmo. Words are insufficient to describe the JOY that filled her small person. She would just all of a sudden squeal and clap and jump around. It was adorable. She loved loved loved it. And Madison really loved the time she got to spend at home snuggling with Grandma. Who doesn't need a good snuggle with Grandma after they get some shots!

Thankfully, my Mom and sister were here to be the extra arms and eyes for me. While Amy and Reagan and I went to the mascot game, Grandma was home with Madison. While I was getting some snacks at the game, Amy played catch with Reagan. While I was feeding Madison, Amy would read books to Reagan. Such a big help!!!! The girls slept really well which is a big answer to prayer. Even though I had plenty of help if I needed it, I was glad they did well enough I didn't have to wake anyone else up.

Saturday morning I went to my Bible study. Then when I got back home I was informed that my mother had gotten Reagan to actually GO on the potty. Not just sit there, but "produce". Clearly, I need to go away more often. After that mini-celebration, we all went to the game for some lunch. Brian was still alive, though he seemed a little delayed in the response category. After lunch Mom and Amy went back home, the girls took a nap, and I chilled out. Brian got home shortly after 5, looking and sounding every bit as tired as he was.

Fortunately, Madison slept pretty well Saturday night as well. In fact, after a little unsettled stretch, she and Daddy fell asleep in the chair till 8 AM. Which is when I woke them up. I had praise team tonight so that made it a bit more of an effort to get our family to church for the evening service - but we made it! Reagan had a rough day today - pretty whiny and tired I think. Maybe she's feeling a little wiped out from the weekend too. At any rate, I realized late this afternoon that I had actually skipped a whole week as I was mentally going over the coming week's activities. Its really wonderful to all of a sudden realize you have a LOT more time to recoup and recover than you really thought you did! I don't feel NEARLY as behind now! :)

I'll post some pictures tomorrow of all our softball fun!

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