Monday, September 21, 2009

Softball Marathon (a/k/a The Greatest Day of Reagan's Life)

So you see, she wore this expression most of the night.

Here's why. Way in the background there you can see her Daddy picked her up and literally ran out onto the field with her so she could meet Elmo in person. These are the perks to having your Daddy on the marathon team. Full field and player access.

Swing Cookie!

Reagan and Amy watching the game.

Oh Elmo...you made our year!

Reagan and Daddy.

That Cookie Monster...he was trouble! He tackled Daddy several times and was generally a trouble maker. Brian's best friend finally came clean on Sunday and admitted it was him!!!

Anytime one of the mascots hit a "homerun" the kids were invited onto the field to run the bases with them.

Cookie looking threatening.

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Stephanie said...

This is so cute! What a fun thing for Reagan :) and for her Daddy!