Friday, July 31, 2009

My Mom

Its the last day of July...and already I am seeing the end of what had become a wonderful summer tradition. Every week this summer, my mom came down for a 24 hour stretch. She'd arrive sometime in the afternoon, stay overnight and leave the next afternoon. Honestly...it was bliss. Mom's August weeks are already filled with vacations, school preparations and school days. So it is time for this summer fun to come to a close, I suppose.

I had set up the guestroom and never had to change the sheets. Mom would just come in and make herself right at home. It wasn't like having "company" because "company" requires planning and preparation. She required almost none.

Its pretty impossible to put into words what her visits have meant to my Reagan. Every single day Reagan would ask me first thing in the morning if Grandma was going to be here. "How many more sweeps?" she would drawl. And on the days Grandma was coming, she was glued to the window - watching and waiting for Grandma's white car to pull onto our street. Grandma always brought her stickers for her sticker book. The two of them would work on putting them in the book together. And then Reagan would request that Grandma attend a tea party. Oh the tea parties they had together this summer! Grandma read books, ate breakfast with her, helped her sit on the potty, took her to the park, colored with sidewalk chalk, got her dressed, and countless other activities.

Madison too enjoyed having Grandma here. When I needed to "do something" (like laundry or cook supper), instead of putting her down on the floor or in the bouncy seat, Grandma was there to love and cuddle her. Several times Grandma and Madison took little naps together. And Grandma has worked with Madison to get her to take several bottles. Many times Madison would make a dirty pants and Grandma would scoop her right out of my arms and carry her off to change her diaper.

Brian has enjoyed my mom's visits if for nothing more than that she frees me up to do some of the housekeeping that would normally suffer a bit after a new baby enters the home. Beds have been made. Laundry has been done. Suppers have been cooked. Cakes have been baked. Shirts have been ironed. And strangely, his wife is in a better mood too. He's at work or playing softball most of the time that she is here...so he sees the fringe benefits. But benefits are benefits.

But even much as Reagan will miss her, I think I will miss her more. I, too, counted "sweeps" until Grandma would be here. And when that white car pulled onto our street I felt a little more like a human and a little less like a frazzled muppet. When she played at the tea party with Reagan, I could use the computer. When she played basketball with Reagan, I could snuggle and play with Madison. When she held Madison, I could take Reagan to the library. She complimented my cooking. She kicked me out of the house a few times when I needed it. She watched both girls so I could shower. She sat on my couch and had actual conversations with me. Her visits made me a better mom, a better wife, a better human being.

Hopefully, that BETTER part sticks and doesn't end like her visits have now. :)

Yes, I will miss all these great summer days. There are always times that having more than one child makes you feel like you have really bitten off more than you can chew. But I really believe that my mom's presence, encouragement and assistance has made a great difference in how I've been able to adjust. I've not just survived these first several months with two girls, I've thrived.

Mom, thanks so much for all these many days you have spent with us. I know you think it was a luxury for you...but it was such a gift to me. Thanks for blessing my family with your love and time. We'll miss you terribly and be counting the "sweeps" until you can come again. We love you so so much!


Stephanie said...

This post makes me teary-eyed Jean! It makes me want to hug your Mom and then my own :) Moms like ours are gifts from the Lord and an inspiration for us, when we have daughters with babies! I'm so glad you've had her this summer. I've had my Mom a lot also this summer and it's been amazing. Every time she leaves, I cry. Not in front of her, but when I get back in the house and watch her drive away. I'm almost 30 and I still can't say good-bye to her! So glad we both have the same blessing in our Moms. You certainly just made her day with this post!

Miz Jean said...

Steph, you have a wonderful mom, too! I didn't get to know your parents REALLY well while we were in high school, but what I did know of them I loved. They were so kind and welcoming. I can really see how they prepared your heart to be a fantastic pastor's wife! What a gift our great moms are! Hopefully we can be that same gift to our girls someday! :)