Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Lately I have been putting Madison down for naps when she is pretty awake and letting her fuss herself to sleep. This never worked with Reagan at this age because the colic would just flare up and she'd cry for hours on end. But with Madison, after about 10 minutes she drifts off to sleep. I'm still a little amazed by it.

I am preparing to scrapbook again. But this time my job will be a bit more than the usual 6 months. I haven't scrapbooked since Christmas and since that time I had a major scrapbook event called having a baby! Yikes. I am really OCD about my scrapbooking. I actually plan my pages WAY in advance. I draw pictures, people. Actual little pictures of what each scrapbook page will look like. And then I decide what pictures to order and what supplies I need. I won't lie - colored pencils have been used on occasion. My Creative Memories friend, Michelle, tells me I am not totally abnormal and that this is a really good way to scrapbook. I still look at all the effort I put into it and wonder who on EARTH would devote this much time and effort other than OCD me.

Reagan woke up really early this morning. After breakfast she ran into a wall. Literally. Then later she fell off a coffee table. And minutes later she ran into a wood post in the basement. Despite all that, she's been pretty good today. She also got to play with some blocks and I think she may have a future as a civil engineer.

Earlier this week, our glorious beloved double jogging stroller had a minor malfunction. Basically, the front wheel came off in the middle of a long walk. But thankfully, Hubby was along on the walk so I watched the kiddies while he ran home and got the car to come fetch all of us. He fixed it yesterday thanks to some good advice from his brother who has the same stroller for his two kiddies. Yay! I was worried we'd have to order a part or get a replacement or something like that.

Next weekend we will be making our first overnight trip with Madison (ever) and Reagan (7 months). Please begin praying now. :)

This concludes my selection of random thoughts. I hope you've enjoyed this trip through my scattered-brain. Thankfull my mother is due to arrive in the next few hours so I will once again be able to regain some degree of cohesiveness and order. I do like some order. Or a lot. I like a lot of order. I miss order. But the chaos is enjoyable at times too.

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Stephanie said...

Hi girl! I haven't stopped by to chime in and let you know that little Madison is adorable!! Congrats on being the mommy of two sweet girls :) You wear the hat well! I'm so glad you are back online again, I missed you! Glad to hear your Mom is coming soon, isn't that just the best? Moms provide much needed relief :) Sometimes even more relief than husbands can provide! Hope it's a great day! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog these last few days :) I'll be happy to make you a bridal bouquet anytime you want one!!