Saturday, June 06, 2009

Another post from the library computer!

Hi there my friends! If absence makes the heart grow fonder, by now you people must love me more than you ever thought possible.

Anyway...here we all are at the library again. Reagan is happily putting together a ton of puzzles and Daddy is holding the other small peanut who really wants to sleep but is too interested in all the bright lights and "noises" around her.

We are doing well. Madison is still a fantastic baby (no signs of colic so far! Praise the Lord!). She was sleeping pretty much through the night - maybe with a feeding here or there. But lately she has been very "noisy" at night. By noisy I mean she grunts a lot. And it is loud. So loud and so often that we really can't sleep very well with her by the bedside. So our nights are not quite as restful. But we are still doing really well, despite a little less sleep. I do know that it could be quite a bit worse so I am not going to complain.

I am doing so so well with my recovery. I feel absolutely awesome! Awesome! I prayed so much that God would give me a positive attitude after this delivery and He really has blessed me with a lot of peace, clarity, calmness and joy. I have been so blessed to get time each day during Reagan's naps to have devotions. Wow. The things I have learned as of late from His word.

I have about 100 things a day I think about that I would love to blog about...but those will all have to wait until we get our computer situation at home as we want it. Until then, thanks for praying for us and checking in. We are doing very very well thus far!

I cannot wait to show you guys some pictures!!!!


Dale Deur said...

Yep. Sam was a "grunter". I think he is over it now, though...

Laura K. said...

Yeah, I love you more than ever before Jean! You are cruel to make me wait so long for pictures!!!
Glad to hear that you're recovering well & that Madison is a good baby!! How is Reagan enjoying her new big sister role? Lindy was very noisy at night too, so I quickly moved her out of our room & into the nursery... and felt no guilt. :) We all needed sleepy!
Hope things continue to go smooth. talk with you soon, LK

all up in each others bizness said...

glad things are going so great!