Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sporadic updates...what fun

Well, we continue to do well over here. My little Madison is growing like a weed. I promise I'll post a picture before we send her off to kindergarten. Reagan is growing up every day too. She's a sweet little girl always testing the boundaries with us. I am doing pretty good managing all my many responsibilities. And Brian is hanging in there balancing slower times at work with a crazy busy home life.

I have been very blessed lately to have my Mom coming down often - almost once a week - to help me out and give me a short break. That has been SUCH a treat! Its really lovely to have another pair of loving arms around to hold a fussy baby or to tickle a bored toddler - allowing me to do the ironing or cook a meal or go to town to buy a new necklace. All important things! :)

The summer is finally here and it is now too hot to go to the park most days. I'm not quite ready to introduce Madison to prolonged exposure to summer heat so we stay home most days. We do miss our walks and park outtings, but have managed to find lots of fun things to do indoors, too.

Its amazing how life changes. And how one minute I catch myself thinking that we'll be stuck in this stage forever...a newborn baby and a naughty toddler. The next minute I'm wondering not only where the last 6 weeks have gone, but also just exactly when my baby Reagan turned into a little kid! Goodness. I'm also struck how God has provided just what we needed every step of the way. When I've been at my limit, he's made a way out. When I needed a helping hand, he's sent just the right person in my door. When I needed someone to talk to, he nudged a friend to pick up the phone and give me a call. But more than that, when I needed more love to pass on to my family, he's poured that into my heart. What a joy it is to love and serve a Lord who isn't just waiting for us in heaven, but who is present and active in our lives. He makes each day an adventurous blessing!

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