Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally...an announcement!

I am thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter, Madison Grace, born on May 13, 2009, at 7:51 AM. She weighed ONLY 7 pounds, 12 ounces. I say only because I was fairly sure she'd be at LEAST 2 pounds heavier than that (Reagan was 9.5 pounds!). But she is our little peanut and we are so happy to have her here.

The entire scheduled c-section went so well. We checked into the hospital and less than 2 hours later she was born. I know people were upholding me in prayer because I did not panic the way I thought I would that morning. The entire event was very smooth and calming. I also know people were praying for the whole process to be easier on me than it was the first go round. I was actually able to go home a little bit early because things went so well and my recovery was so much better. I was so thankful for God's awesome healing. I am also thankful that we all got over having the flu bug just DAYS before Madison was born.

And most of all, I am so thankful for my little wonderful girl. She is so sweet. Reagan adores her and is adjusting well. Brian and I are bewildered by her because she loves to sleep and seems too easy. I have actually had to wake her up at night for feedings. She is healthy, strong and really such a joy to us.

I'll try to get Brian to post some pictures of her in the next few days or so. We are still working on getting internet set up at our house so I'm a bit lonely for my internet connections!

We chose the name Madison (another presidential name!) because it was pretty. But her middle name of Grace was chosen because she is as unexpected and undeserved as God's grace. Grace is a pure gift from God - and that is truly how we feel about her.

Thank you so much for thinking of us and praying for us. So far this journey into a family of four has been pretty amazing and wonderful. I have so much more to say, but I'll save that for later.


Stephanie said...

Yay Jean!! Congratulations :) I have been faithfully watching your blog, hoping for an update and wondering how everything went. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is healthy and doing well. I can't wait to see her, what a beautiful name she has. Enjoy these sweet, sleep deprived days!! Congratulations again Mommy :)

Dale Deur said...

As an eyewitness (church this AM) I can confirm Madison's high level of cuteness (for those who were wondering).
Congrats, Brian & Jean & Reagan!

Laura K. said...

Jean & Brian! Congrats again! :) Cannot wait for you to post pictures!! Hope all is well for you... get some rest... ha ha... ;)