Sunday, May 10, 2009

A break

Friday, the day I spent as the human pincushion, was supposed to be my last day of work. Friday was also my brother’s birthday (Happy birthday, Tom!). And last, but definitely not least, was the day my sister graduated from college (Congrats Amy!). Obviously, I missed all three momentous events.

I really only planned on being able to attend one of them - my last day of work. And I was disappointed to miss it. This not having a job outside the home thing is a bit weird for me. A lot weird for me. I’m leaving behind a whole piece of my life and some beloved coworkers who were many times more like family than “coworkers”. Its all very strange.

But life is taking a turn now. Later this week we will have another baby. And I’m pretty excited about it. A little nervous. Almost entirely consumed by how surreal that will be. And still excited.

That also means my writing on here will dwindle for a while. But rest easy, I will be back. I won’t have the level of computer access I’ve enjoyed these past many years, so please check back on occassion...but also, please cut me a little slack as we adjust as a family of FOUR! Whoa. Four. I think I just passed out.

We would so appreciate your prayers this week. For the health of Brian and I. For Reagan’s adjustment to a new baby. For our baby to be born healthy and strong. For a smooth birth and steady recovery. For adequate amounts of rest and healing. For peace and joy.

We can’t wait to share our news with all of you!


Laura K. said...

Jeanie! I can't believe you're going to have your baby this week!!!!! Aren't you so anxious to find out what is the gender? I don't know how you are able to wait the entire pregnancy. You have patience!
Praying blessings for you & health for you & baby.
Much love, my friend ~

Stephanie said...

Wow!! Your pregnancy has gone so fast :) I can't believe it's baby week already!! Can't wait to hear all about this new little blessing in your family! I am praying for you right now friend :) You are going to be a great mommy of two!