Saturday, May 09, 2009

Do I look thinner to you?

I suppose in order to look thinner, one must already fall into the thin category. Which I do not. But when I went to the doctor on Friday for my weekly visit and found I had lost weight...too much weight...I was not surprised.

You see, Thursday night I got the stomach flu. Or possibly food poisoning, but doc thinks it was a virus. At any rate, I was unwell. So unwell I could not keep down a few sips of water. So unwell I lost "a lot" of weight. So unwell my doctor decided I needed prescription medication to manage the nausea. So unwell my doctor also sent me immediately for intravenous fluids. Good times.

But the good news is that because of the IV and 'better living through chemistry', I am feeling EVER so much better. Also, the baby was completely unaffected by my sickened state and is still awaiting a proper birthdate. Phew!

So it turns out, there are worse things than having a baby a few days earlier than I was planning. There are worse things than not having every single little detail "ready". There are worse things than being clumsy and pulling muscles. I do not like the worse things.

Those worse things spoiled many wonderful plans for eating Tulip Time food! Because while I may joke that people could just hook up an IV to my body and fill it with cheesecake on a stick or poffertjes or bbq pork sandwiches, the truth is, I really hate IVs. They never get it in on the first try so I get to be the human pin cushion for several long minutes as they attempt to find a vein that will not "blow". Side note: "blowing a vein" does not sound good and they should come up with some other term or just say "well, that didn't work".

In conclusion...my husband is a mighty awesome dude because he not only cleaned up the bathroom at 1:30 a.m., he also cleaned me up and started loads of laundry. I felt really bad for him. My thankfulness for his servant heart is just beyond expression. What a gift he is. Not to mention the day or two that he has spent caring for Reagan as I attempt to get back on my feet.

It seems I am definitely on the mend and now we are just praying that NO ONE ELSE GETS SICK. Because we have less than a week till a new little one graces us with his/her presence. And we'd love to be able to focus on him/her instead of spending loads of time disinfecting our home.

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