Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tulip Time

It is Tulip Time in Pella this week. On Sunday I wanted to take some pictures of my spunky little one while I still could, so we wandered over to a good photo spot and I started clicking away. We went immediately after church...and evidently that was not at all in Reagan's plan for the day because she threw a fit. I took a few...but in most of the pictures she was MAD. So I gave up, cried about it (no surprise), and figured we'd go back later. We went back before evening church and this was MUCH more acceptable to her.

I should clarify, we do not own any dutch costumes. This is somewhat odd for someone living in Pella. But they are a fairly big investment...and we just never got into the parade thing. So instead we take pictures of Reagan in her pretty summer dress and pink sandals. Its not as authentic or quaint, but its fun to see her by all those pretty flower beds!

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Laura K. said...

Great pictures! Reagan looks ADORABLE in that dress, and you look great Jeaner! Love your haircut, too. You're going to be so happy (later) to have pics of you pregnant with Reagan nearby, it will be so fun to look back on that later on... ;) how many more days? I'm on pins & needles!