Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend prayer list:

That Tom, Angie and their families may have a relaxed and unrushed morning.

That all members of their families will have as much peace as possible.

That the goodbyes will be with a sense of hope and not of fear.

That Tom and Angie have no trouble getting to their flights or moving through the airports.

That their parents will be granted peace and a sense of calmness as Tom and Angie are en route.

That Tom and Angie will feel God’s peace as they journey toward their new home.

That they will have a very safe trip and that they will have an uneventful 20+ hours in the air.

That, upon arrival, their passage through customs and other checkpoints will go smoothly.

That no baggage will be lost.

That Tom and Angie’s housing arrangements and first days of getting settled are organized and tranquill.

That God begins working in the lives and hearts of the people to whom they will be reaching out.

That God will give friends and family the faithfulness to uphold Tom and Angie in prayer on a daily basis.

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