Monday, April 20, 2009

Deep breaths

I find myself taking one quite a bit lately - and for once it has nothing to do with chasing a toddler or a baby kicking me in the lungs. Instead, I am breathing a sigh. A sigh of mixed emotions. Relief. Peace. Fear. Surrender. Hope. And my thoughts are often oceans away from here.

Tom and Angie left on Saturday and arrived about 24 hours later at their destination. At least we have the faith that they did as they are unable to communicate with us for a little bit initially.

The send off went well. A small answer to prayer that their luggage was not over the limit and they check in process went smoothly. The morning was not rushed and they had plenty of time at the airport to move through security.

I will not go into all the details, because in a way it was just a sacred time for all of us. But it was a very special morning. One which I will never forget. One which I will always treasure.

And it brings to mind how often we let those opportunities to hug each other and speak our love simply slip by.

Two years still feels like a very long time to me. But it is all filled with purpose and providence.

Thank you for praying for them and their families this past weekend. I can say that even amidst the pain and tender fear, there was a hope and a promise always echoed in our thoughts.

I’ll post a few pictures later this week.

Walking by faith...

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