Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stuff and nonsense...mostly nonsense

The unfortunate (or perhaps well-designed) thing about late pregnancy is that suddenly your stomach is half the size it used to be. This is frustrating because I have spent months in food-training wherein I have been able to eat large quantities of food without much discomfort. I keep taking “normal-sized” helpings and find myself unable to finish them.

Reagan finally had a whole week of good health. No teething. No runny nose. No coughing. No rashes. No fevers. I know I’m probably throwing a great deal of caution to the wind, but I feel it important to remind myself that there are times when she is completely healthy.

The aforementioned good health has, no doubt, been largely responsible for the wonderful nights of sleep we have gotten as of late. Getting her to sleep hasn’t been all that bad. And she has slept all the way through the night a few times with no wakings. On occasion, she will have a nightmare and scare the living daylights out of us with a scream that I’m fairly sure could wake up every dog in a 10 mile radius. But she calms down quickly and after a tucking-back-in, she’s sound asleep. Naps have also been pleasantly long and peaceful.

The Des Moines International Airport has no windows from which you can view an actual airplane unless you are actually flying somewhere. I think this is ridiculous. Reagan agrees with me.

Someone at church this weekend told me I looked really great. I cannot tell you how much that did to boost my spirits!

I bought these two adorable dresses at Walmart a few weeks ago. Sunday I put one of them on Reagan and was really ferociously disappointed to find that the “sleeves” would not stay on her shoulders. Both dresses are the same style - just a different print. So I have to bring them back and find something else. Nuts!

Reagan received approximately 2 spankings during morning church and 0 spankings during evening church. She is now officially afraid to go in the council room with her Daddy. We prefer to use timeouts, but that isn’t so possible when we are at church. The spankings aren’t fun for anyone, but sometimes they are necessary.

I took a glorious nap on Sunday afternoon. Hubby even retreated to the basement to watch t.v. so he wouldn’t wake me. It was fantastic!

There is a homemade (by yours truly) peach pie sitting in my fridge at home.

The Midnight Truffle Blizzard on the Dairy Queen commercials is every bit as good as it appears.

If you see me and I frequently where a repeated outfit, I do apologize. I have quite frankly grown out of much of my maternity wardrobe. Oy.

This past week, I could not keep my eyes open much past 8:30 p.m. I have been falling asleep on the couch a LOT.

I dreamed I went back to college and took a course on motivational speaking.

I walked in Target and did not allow myself to look at baby clothes. Why mess with temptation? But I did buy Reagan an Easter dress on clearance for next year.

I went to two garage sales on Friday. At one of them I got 5 really nice things for $4. I was quite pleased. At the second one I walked out with nothing when I saw a set of 3 outfits priced at $40. Seriously. They were cute, but I would not have paid that if they were brand new in a store! Yikes!!!

My mom is coming this coming weekend to help me with a baby-preparation day! I’m really looking forward to that! I plan to take pictures so that I have SOMETHING to put in this child’s scrapbook!

I actually did my ironing this past weekend.

My husband helped me a whole bunch in the kitchen this weekend. That was a relief!

My freezers are actually almost completely full right now of “meals for after the baby is born”. Brian has asked me to stop cooking and freezing because there is simply no more room.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, peach pie, that sounds delightful. I also went to the small garage sale and saw the $40 gymboree set and quickly got back in my car!