Monday, April 06, 2009

Channeling Martha Stewart...its a good thing

I find it very sweet how people are all of a sudden very into caring for me. Whether it be small actions - picking up my microphone so I don’t have to bend over or setting a stool on the stage at church in case I need to sit down - or larger actions - my Hubby giving me a complete pedicure - its all appreciated and so very kind of you.

I’m thinking of a good friend who is probably cuddling her BRAND new little baby right this very second! Can’t wait to hear all the details and see the new little one!

My parents and my inlaws got SLAMMED with a brutal winter storm this weekend. It was so bad church was cancelled for both of them (they live 3.5 hours apart). I don’t know how much my inlaws got, but I know my Dad reported a full 12 inches on the ground! This is not a good thing for them, obviously, but we do not have a single flake on the ground here. I’m counting my blessings!

Brian helped our friends move into their new/newly remodeled house this weekend. I toured it a few weeks ago and it looks SO nice! I can’t wait to see it once they are all settled in. I must admit, I really wished I was more able to physically assist in the move. But now is not so much the time for that, I suppose.

Brian and I spent many moments laughing hysterically at our daughter this weekend. We burst into giggles whenever we listen to her talk to her “babies” because she has this sing-songy voice that is an absolute RIOT! And there were many other moments, but one of the funniest was Sunday after church when she was throwing a FIT and we were choosing to ignore it. She’s sitting in the living room crying her most upset tears. Brian asked me what veggies we should have for dinner - corn or peas. When from the living room all crying ceases and we hear a little voice say “peas!”...and then the crying promptly returned.

There really is nothing better than listening to young children sing “Here I am to Worship” on a Sunday morning. It was so very sweet to see them come in with palm branches and then sing and do the actions. I was thankful I had a choir song after the kids’ singing to re-compose myself before I lead worship.

We have several members of our congregation who are residents of a Christian assisted living facility due to mental disability. One of them was talking to me on Sunday morning before church about how he was getting so skinny. Then he paused, looked at me, and said, “But you sure aren’t!” I had a good laugh over that one.

We have decided (we think) on a girl name and a boy name. No, I won’t share it with you. But it gives me great peace of mind to know that our child will have a name when it is born. Peace of mind goes a long way in my world these days.


Dale Deur said...

So, was it Tom? Sounds like one of his comments. He cracks me up.

Miz Jean said...

Dale, you win the prize!