Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things I love...lately

Candy, but specifically Starburst, anything chocolate, and Sour Patch Kids. Honestly, aside from black licorice I am having trouble naming a candy I don’t love right now.

Poptarts - strawberry and brown sugar.

Coffee (though I am drinking decaf)

Walmart children’s clothing. Their toddler girl dresses are adorable.

My 30 minutes of quiet time (just enough for devotions!) when Reagan watches a movie on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The answer to prayer of a healthy little niece!

Watching Reagan “kiss” her babies.

A forecast with a 70 degree day coming up.

Good health for our family.

A maternity spring jacket loaned to me by one of my friends. My winter coat no longer buttons...comfortably.

Spreadsheets to organize a price-comparison shopping list for our baby needs.

Recipes on the Betty Crocker website! Fast, good and easy.

Freshly laundered throw blankets in the living room.

The Amazing Race and The Office.

Brian and Reagan singing during her bathtimes. I have great plans to tape this.

Soft new socks.

Bills that are lower than what you expected them to be.


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