Friday, March 13, 2009

Time for some photos

Yesterday morning I got an urgent phone call from my Mom who was on her way to work. I believe her first words were "You must go to Theisen's!" Theisen's is a farm and home supply store and we just got one here in Pella a year or two ago. Of course this phone call came before 8:00 AM so it took my brain a few minutes to follow her train of thought. But evidently, my Dad had been to their local Theisen's and discovered that they were selling baby chickens. Not only did my Mom request that Reagan and I go view the chicks, she also thought we should buy a few. Until she realized the poor thing would probably freeze to death in our unheated garage. Also, she remembered Brian is not altogether fond of pets...even the kind you can one day serve as a chicken dinner.

At any rate, the more I considered this little outting for our Thursday, the more I made an effort to get out of my pajamas. I first called the store just to make sure my long drive across town would not be wasted. They did, indeed, have chicks.

So late morning I bundled Reagan up (because it was COLD! Yikes!) and fastened her into her carseat. I told her we were going to a store. That's really all the motivation she needed to be excited. She really likes going to the store - and she will remind you approximately once every 15 seconds that you are going to the store! "Go to store!" I heard that phrase a LOT as we mosied on over to our local Theisen's.

We walked in and I could see straight ahead a bin with heat lamps hanging down. I held her hand and walked her over to the designated CHICK DAYS area. We were not disappointed.

At first, she didn't really know what to think. I mean, we watch a lot of birds at our house from our living room window. But these were little birds very much NOT outside.

For a few minutes, it was enough to just stand and view the cuteness.

That's what the other kids were doing.

And then it became very important to point and exclaim over the tiny little peeps.

But that made the chickies quite excited and there was a lot of peeping and scurrying around. More observation was required.

This was taken mere seconds before she fell head-first into the bin of chicks.

Oh, I kid. She really didn't fall in. But she would have very much liked to.

Then we discovered a bin full of baby ducks! Though sadly, these were not deemed nearly as exciting as the tiny baby chickies.

Oh these baby chickies! They are the joy of her heart.

Of course, she is mine so I completely understand falling in love with something so adorable.

Here is where the chickie photos end. Because this Momma thought it would be a valuable and fun experience to reach into the bin and select (translation: snatch the slowest moving dumb baby chicken) one of these little treasures for her daughter to "pet". She does well with dogs. Certainly this would translate to tiny baby birds which fit in the palm of her hand. You can see where my logic began to fail me. I grabbed one and showed it to Reagan. I told her she could pet it which evidently to her means "grab baby chick around the neck and strangle it." After a few seconds of slight terror wherein she tried to pull its head off its body, I got her to RELEASE RELEASE! A few of those little birdies may need to see their chiropractor in the near future. We need a few more lessons in gentleness!

But lest you think the photo fun is over, we have this one last treasure to share with you. Reagan has two favorite possessions. One is a fake rubber spider which she lovingly refers to as her "BUG!". The other is this huge doll she got as a baby gift. This doll has been named "Pete." Very often, either BUG or PETE is required to join her in bed for a nap or at night. And this is the scene that greeted us when we went to check on her before we went to bed one night.

I think she may be ready to be a big sister. Don't you?


Anonymous said...

Oh Jean, I died laughing when you said Reagan fell head-first into the bin of chicks! I'm glad it wasn't true...you might have had to explain why some chickies weren't moving anymore :)


Stephanie said...

What cute pictures of Reagan :) Isn't that sweet to see the wonder in a little girl's eyes?? Glad you bundled up and made the trip out!

Miz Jean said...

Angie - she very easily could have fallen in. I was not close enough to catch her! She did nearly pull the heads off of a few of them, though!

Steph - Thanks! Sometimes it is so difficult for me to just GET UP AND DO IT already! I am really glad we made that trip, too! It was a lot of fun!