Monday, March 16, 2009

A healthy weekend! Hooray!

What a relief it was to have a house full of healthy people this weekend! And not only were we all in good health, but a certain small person allowed the big people to have some really solid nights of sleep. Solid nights of sleep are nothing to be taken for granted! The sleep alone brought me great joy.

Many times when we pick up Reagan from daycare, she’s just a-ok fine until we walk in the house. Just about the minute she gets her coat and shoes off, she just dissolves into tears. We aren’t really sure why this happens. Sometimes we’re pretty sure its because she’s hungry. Other days I think she is just having trouble de-compressing from her day. Whatever it is, Friday was a doozy! That poor girl was inconsolable for a solid 90 minutes. Eventually she calmed down and we had a pleasant rest of our evening.

Saturday morning I had Bible study with the girls and noticed again how good it feels just to know those ladies understand me. I am always really blessed to share some time with them and hear them process their lives through the eyes of God. And I’m really thankful to have such Godly and faithful influences in my life. What a blessing that is!

Immediately after Bible study, Brian and Reagan picked me up and we went to a nearby town to look at a consignment store called “The Plush Pony.” I’m pretty unexperienced in the consignment / garage sale shopping category. I’ve done it to some degree for a few years, but not always with great success. What I mean by that is I sometimes buy things I later regret - things I didn’t really like that much but felt compelled to buy. This time I tried to shop as smartly as possible. I only considered buying something if I loved it. I wouldn’t even look at the price tag until I could picture Reagan wearing it. Then if the price matched the admiration of the outfit, I would deem it a “keeper.” I spent under $20 and got Reagan two pairs of capri pants, one adorable skirt, one pair of really thick tights for next winter, and a really sweet little spring jacket. I was pretty satisfied with that.

Reagan and I spent the rest of the day together as Brian went to the farm to help out his grandparents and uncle. We took a long nap, had a little snack, took a dog-free walk, and ended up at the park. I gave Brian a bit of a hard time when he got home because evidently, Saturday afternoons are DAD time at the park. I was the only Mommy. And again, there were many children. This time most of them were older so I had to be more careful watching Reagan and protecting her from them. Sounds ridiculous, in a way. But you really have to watch a little one like her when 10 year old boys are playing tag. Too often those boys don’t even SEE those littler ones. We didn’t stay too long because the whole place was a muddy mess. But it was so good to get out and get some fresh WARM air!

Sunday morning I led praise team at church. The service went really well and once again I was impressed how God just pulled everything together so perfectly. Reagan seemed a little more accepting of seeing her Mommy sing at the front. I must admit, its fun to look out at the congregation during a song and see her little face peering eagerly out from the back pew to see me. I only have 2 more services assigned to me before I take a few months off to have our new bouncing bundle of joy.

Reagan took a huge nap on Sunday and boy howdy could we tell by her behavior the rest of the day! That girl was fully recharged! She was literally bouncing off the walls and jabbering at warp speed most of the afternoon and evening. We took a walk (no park this time) in some more lovely spring weather. It was just a very relaxing day with a very hyperactive two-year old.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a refreshing weekend? I did not get nearly all my “chores” done and my list of accomplishments is pretty small. But it felt so nice to just be together as a family - enjoying each other’s company and savoring some time as a family of 3. While we are looking forward to being a foursome, these last days as 3 are pretty precious, too.

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