Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yesterday I...

- found the diaper bag I want in town for a reasonable price (waiting approval of said bag by husband who will carry it around occasionally)

- bought Reagan a little treat at a coffee shop

- took my little girl to the library for the first time and carried the books she "carefully selected"

- donated a few things to a good cause

- visited an old friend who now has no candy or crackers in her possession because Reagan ate it all

- caught Reagan when she tripped on an uneven sidewalk

- made a good lunch for both of us

- rocked in a chair and sang Sunday school songs until my cuddle buddy was sleeping

- tucked in my favorite small person

- took a lovely nap

- read library books to said favorite small person

- started to make waffles for supper and then realized I did not have enough mix...phooey

- had my first experience with a rotten egg (gross!!!!)

- administered a time out

- convinced child to eat a healthy supper

- folded laundry and put it away

- listened to laughter and singing emitting from the bathroom during Reagan's bathtime

- combed through long blonde hair trying to avoid any yanking at tangles

- read library books again

- rocked and sang to Reagan

- tucked in favorite small person and arranged her many crib-friends (bears, ducks, fish)

- listened to small person protest from her crib

- tried to sit on couch comfortably

- had a really nice day (aside from the rotten egg).

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