Monday, March 02, 2009

Why do illnesses always strike on weekends?

My weekend began with some extra work that needed to be done - but it was stuff I could mostly do at home. So after a quick supper, I spent 3 hours labeling and sorting and organizing. Reagan thought it looked like something she should help me with. And it was made all the more appealing because hey! Mommy gets to play with stickers! And boy does she love stickers! It was good to get my project all done though.

Saturday morning Hubby jumped out of bed and cleaned the bathroom. Before I even got to take a shower. Still not sure what that was all about, but it was appreciated so I just kept my mouth shut. After I had gotten ready we jumped in the car and headed out to Brian's grandparents' farm. But first! Before we left town we stopped at a sweet little local store and I showed the coveted diaper bag to Hubby - who approved it. We decided to get it and of all things - It. Was. On. Sale. I'm fairly sure my heart sang a sweet little song right there on the spot. After I floated out the door, we were back on the road. Reagan and I spent the day inside with Grandma, chatting and playing with her toys. Brian made himself useful outside and would check in on us here and there. In the late afternoon he was too busy to show her the cows, as promised, so I bundled her up and we walked across the yard to peer over the fence at the cows. But it was so so cold we could not stay outside for more than 5 minutes. Reagan was deeply disappointed that we couldn't spend more time greeting each cow and talking to them.

Saturday evening we then had Brian's other Grandma who was in the area over for a little visit after supper. We had a nice visit with her.

Sunday morning we headed out to church. Reagan was not sitting well in church so she got taken out a few times. She was very frustrated that we would not let her use her nifty colored pencils on the pages of the Bibles or the hymnals and threw several fits. And then we had communion and she was REALLY mad at her Mommy for not letting her have some juice or some bread. Really mad! So toward the end of the service I took her out. As I was holding her I was standing there thinking that her face looked a little funny. Its really normal for Reagan to have bright pink cheeks. She ALWAYS has a rosy complexion. But the redness seemed to be going farther up her temples and to her hairline - much beyond the normal pink areas. I pulled up her sleeve and sure enough, a rash all over her arms. She had been exposed to Fifths Disease in the recent past so I was pretty sure that was what we were dealing with. Just to be sure, I checked with one of my good friends (a nurse) immediately after the service. She reassured me that Reagan would be fine and it just had to run its course. And she also told me to call my doctor because Fifths Disease can cause problems in unborn babies. Fortunately, I am in my third trimester so there was no cause for great alarm. I have called my doctor and am still waiting to hear back. Needless to say, we spent the rest of Sunday at home feeling a little down. I may have cried a few too many times. I'm finding that my emotions, once released, just come spilling out all over the place. As Reagan would say, it makes a "BIG MESS!" She gave me several sweet hugs yesterday and once even told me to "Cheer up!" I am feeling a little more "pulled together" today, but am still a little anxious to hear what my doctor has to say.

Also, I found out from my Mom that she and her houseguests, my brother and his wife, all came down with the flu this weekend. So far my Dad has managed to avoid contracting the nasty bug. Sounds like just about everyone has had some illness to contend with this past month.

Hoping this finds all of you well...or on your way to renewed health!

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