Monday, February 23, 2009

The fog is clearing

Slowly but surely, that cloud of a headcold is clearing up! Breathing a sigh of relief...breathing at all is really a great thing.

Saturday I was feeling quite a bit better. I went to Bible study in the morning. I absolutely love going to that Bible study. Sure we spend a good deal of time talking about our lives and struggles and joys and funny stories, but we also spend a pretty decent amount of time actually talking about our study material. Very interesting. Always makes me feel a little less alone to know that other women have gone through or are going through similar struggles in life or their spiritual walk. I'm just so blessed by each of those sweet ladies.

After 2.5 hours slipped by in the back of the coffee shop, I scurried home and spent the rest of my day with my spunky little girl. She's quite a kid, that one. We had many deep and moving conversations and then she helped me prepare a deluxe Saturday night supper. I normally do not cook anything on Saturday and instead feed my family on leftovers warmed up in the microwave. But this weekend I went all out. Reagan has requested I make ham more often. Brian has requested I never make that particular potato dish again. Both requests duly noted.

After Reagan went to bed, Hubby and I sat on the living room floor for many hours on end and sorted all of Reagan's clothes. Yes, every scrap not currently hanging in her closet got a thorough examination and categorization. We pulled out the gender neutral tiny baby clothes, too, and set all of it aside. I cannot believe I will hit my third trimester this week! Wow!!!! There are baby preparations happening here, people! That's just unreal. Side note: I will no longer be sitting on the floor for more than 5 minutes a day.

Sunday morning after some good old family snuggle time in our bed, we got up and had breakfast and attended church. I'm getting smarter by the day so it occurred to me that perhaps my daughter needed something to do other than eat a snack and read a book and listen to a sermon during church. I came armed with colored pencils and an entire blank pad of paper for her. It worked. She sat pretty well through the whole service and we could actually let some of it soak in.

Sunday evening I led the praise team. The most amusing part of the whole night was Reagan's complete and utter confusion as to why on earth her dear mother was not sitting directly next to her in the pew. When she saw me at the front she started calling out to me, "Mommy! Mommy!" We sang a few songs and I sat down which greatly relived her. Of course we had to go back up and sing a few more songs after the sermon so I left my spot next to her and walked back up to the front. As I am walking I hear that familiar little voice saying, "Where's Mommy? There's the Mommy! Mommy! Mommy sing!!" You'd think that little person would be used to me singing up there by now, but it really threw her for a loop. And made it a little bit hard for me to concentrate on leading and not so much on the cute little one waving to me in the back of church.

I am almost back to my old self again. By the looks of our calendar we have a nice week ahead - not so busy, but still with a few things to do. We seem to be in reasonably good condition - at least we are "healthy". And every morning we are reminded of how blessed we are when we hear our PetePete call out from her crib, "Wake up, please! Up please!" No complaints here.

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